4 Sensible Product Marketing Tips

Like me, you might have thought at first that pragmatic product marketing might involve some obscure. But, actually, in this case, we’re going to talk about some proven statistics, about product marketing, from top publications. There are many facets to product marketing, and I want to point out one or two important, proven statistics to

[Guest Post] 5 Tips for Conducting a Productive Win/Loss Analysis

Whether it’s drafting up case studies, researching white papers, or generating sales sheets, product marketers are continuously tapping into the voice of their customer. Understanding what the product or service is that you’re offering and who your target audience or customers are translates directly into how you take your product to market. Unfortunately, discovering and

Internet Marketing Tips for Product Marketers

Since the beginning of the modern internet revolution, with most members of society integrating the use of computers and web services in their everyday lives, one hurdle seems to plague businesses: internet marketing. How can businesses properly use internet marketing to reach the ‘connected’ masses? Part of the problem is that older generations still hold

The Benefits of Content Marketing

Let’s talk a minute about the benefits of content marketing. Did you know that content marketing is not only a less obtrusive method of advertising and marketing than traditional means, but it’s also a method that creates compound ROI? Why content marketing? First, we’ll talk about the sociological implications of this concept. We all know