Oscar-Worthy Product Marketing Lessons

The Oscars take place this year on March 2. Last year’s Oscars ceremony was an exception, in that it actually produced relevant Product Marketing material. In case you missed it, last year dozens of big-name brands tried out Real Time Marketing (#RTM), modeled after Oreo’s Super Bowl success. The lesson for us marketers: Don’t try

The Best in Product Marketing

#1- Who Owns Pricing? Written by Mark Stiving, this article is about who is responsible for the sometimes staggering prices of certain products. The product lines, the marketing campaign or the sales operation are three of the potentially responsible areas. However, the truth is that all these departments and many others are responsible for the

2 Small Changes that Will Have Big Results in Product Marketing

Even a quality product won’t sell unless it is marketed correctly. The 21st-century marketplace is more competitive than ever before and grabbing consumer attention has never been more challenging. Consumers can purchase products from across the globe at the push of a button. Customers are able to easily opt-out of receiving marketing messages. In this

Being the Mighty Dragon of Product Marketing: Lessons from the Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year will be celebrated on January 31rd in the U.S. It will be a 15-day festival, which was first celebrated over 4,000 years ago. This celebration reveals what the Chinese have considered important over the years and how they are adjusting to the rapidly changing present, which has brought increased wealth and

5 Simple Things That Will Fix Your Product Marketing Plan

A failing product marketing plan can be a massive headache for any business owner. Unfortunately many fall under the ill-conceived notion that spending more money on the marketing plan will yield results. This, sadly, is false and often leads to more money being needlessly thrown away on a plan that obviously needs some rethinking. Before

3 Ways Companies Cripple Their Own Product Marketing

Sometimes companies can be their own worst enemy when it comes to product marketing. Recognizing those major mistakes – and finding ways to correct them – is critical to long-term success. But the main thing is to learn to avoid these mistakes from the start. Today I’m going to cover 3 common mistakes of product marketing, and what