Using Selective Demand Advertising for Product Marketing

You most likely already use selective demand advertising, if you’re advertising something in an established market. You may just not have heard the term associated with it, but more likely than not, you use it. In advertising and marketing overall, there are two overarching advertisement models, selective demand advertising, and primary demand advertising. Primary demand

Interview With Janet Cunningham of Sprint

I was lucky enough to speak with Janet Cunningham, Sprint’s Digital Messaging Manager, about how Sprint introduces new digital features and how they educate their uses on these new features. Sprint, like many wireless providers, is constantly unveiling new features to help customers get the most from their provider. The difficulty of this task is

[Guest Post] 5 Tips for Conducting a Productive Win/Loss Analysis

Whether it’s drafting up case studies, researching white papers, or generating sales sheets, product marketers are continuously tapping into the voice of their customer. Understanding what the product or service is that you’re offering and who your target audience or customers are translates directly into how you take your product to market. Unfortunately, discovering and

Internet Marketing Tips for Product Marketers

Since the beginning of the modern internet revolution, with most members of society integrating the use of computers and web services in their everyday lives, one hurdle seems to plague businesses: internet marketing. How can businesses properly use internet marketing to reach the ‘connected’ masses? Part of the problem is that older generations still hold

[Guest Post] Your Latest Launch Increased the Gap between You and Your Customers

It is so easy for Product Marketers to be caught in the product launch cycle. It is not uncommon for product marketers to be known as “the team that launches stuff”.  Even more dangerous is the mentality to forget a product one it has launched to focus on the next launch. One of my mentors

Is Product Marketing and Sales Software a Replacement for Manpower?

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about the problems of man and machine. It’s a dilemma that first surfaced back in the 1950’s and has become more prevalent in today’s day and age. I’m talking about the digital/electronic revolution. There have been many debates about modern software and machinery and their ability to

Product Marketing at a First-to-Market B2B Company

Marketing at a new B2B company is extremely challenging, yet equally rewarding. Many companies rely on resource-efficient marketing to help drive sales, brand awareness, and successful rapid growth. As a marketer, especially at start-ups, it’s vital to wear several different hats in order to provide an extra hand in a needed department. However, despite extreme