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In 2014 mobile will increasingly dominate traffic on many parts of the internet. According to StatCounter in 2013 mobile traffic already made up 78% of Facebook daily active user base and on Yelp 59% of searches are performed through a mobile device. Consumers are switching from checking their email, searching for local businesses and interacting on social media on their desktop PCs to their smart phones. Mobile marketing technology is also becoming increasingly sophisticated in its ability to target consumers and customize offers. These changes are transforming not just the mobile marketing space but online marketing as a whole. Here are three of the biggest mobile marketing trends to look out for in 2014. Mobile Will Dominate Email Marketing Email marketing in the past has focused on the desktop PCs. In 2014 this will change as more than half of emails are now first opened on a mobile devices. This trend will mean that email marketers will focus more on email designs that are optimized for the smaller screen. What the email looks like on a desktop computer will be of decreasing importance. Mobile Becomes Even More Personalized Personalization and customization of mobile marketing will become increasingly sophisticated in 2014. The offers presented to consumers will be even more focused on their particular tastes. For example if consumers are looking for a particular recipe using a supermarkets app, the retailer will be able to offer discount coupons for the ingredients needed to make it. Apple also recently released it’s iBeacon technology which will help transform the way that consumers are marketed to. When someone with an iOS device approaches or leaves a location with an iBeacon it can alert the app. iBeacons can be placed throughout a store and project an advertisement directly to the customers mobile phone. This can alert them to sales and offers when they are most likely to buy them. iBeacons will also make it much easier for customers to find the location in the store for the products that they want to buy. Rise Of Real Time Bidding It is predicted that by the end of 2014 45% of all mobile ad buys will involve Real Time Bidding (RTB). RTB enables advertisers to reach consumers in real time. This is critical for mobile marketing because marketers want to be able to target consumers by their location and context. The value that major companies are placing on RTB can be seen with Twitter’s 2013 acquisition of MoPub which is one of the leaders in the RTB space. Currently the RTB market is highly fragmented with many different exchanges most of which offer little inventory. It will be interesting to see if Twitter’s purchase of MoPub signals a move towards consolidation in the market. The ability to offer scale for advertisers may make this an even more popular advertising medium with large companies. In 2014 we can see the mobile marketing industry expand. It will also become increasingly sophisticated as RTB and customization allow mobile marketers to tailor their offers in ways that have not been possible before.


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