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Despite the growing indirectness of social interaction in the digital age, the power of trade shows and other congregations of like minds. Conventions, trade shows and conferences are a chance for people to interact and network with one another, and sample the services and products of other companies. This gives people a chance to see what they’re up against with competition, and get real experience to make decisions upon. But, you need some good trade show marketing ideas in order to be effective in showing your own abilities. Engaging people with a show is important. See, trade shows are an investment on behalf of the people and the company. It takes time, costs travel expenses and lodging, and costs a lot if you’re running a booth yourself. So, with all this effort put in, everyone expects to be wowed. So, what are some good trade show marketing ideas? I have a few things that might be helpful, but with a topic like this, there’s something to be said about it depending some on your demographics, the kind of industry you’re in, and the nature of the show as well. #1 – Make Your Booth a Display Your booth does matter. Some businesses are satisfied with just some tables and chairs to display their services, or their information. This can be effective if your service is amazing enough to catch them. But, it’s best to not rely on this outcome. Make your booth a real display. Flashy, attention-catching and creative, if you can. #2 – Immersive Demos Make your demonstrations immersive. It depends on what you’re demonstrating (technology, merchandise, food etc.), but providing an in depth demo that gives everyone a sizeable experience as a trial is important. Otherwise, they feel skimped and less than interested. #3 – Solid Engagement Providing solid engagement to passersby, greeting them, initiating relationships with them, and answering their questions closely is also very important. #4 – Encourage Further Contact Provide channels for those who see your booth to further contact you. Go beyond just a business email, and provide social network channels, real business cards and other ways to ensure the cultivation of leads. #5 – Rewards (Swag!) Yeah, we all know that conventions and tradeshows are a big swag source, especially the ones for consumer goods industries. Well, if you can’t beat’em, join’em, they say. If you’re not representing a product or service that can be given out, then include branded prizes that people actually like. Good quality shirts are acceptable, but coffee cups are a bit cheap. Maybe branded flash drives or something genuinely useful would work well. Beyond these things, you’ll just have to base your strategy on your demographic and your industry. What appeals most to your demographic, and what impresses them the most. What do they value, and how can you cross brand to give them incentives? If you follow the advice I gave here, and you understand your demographic well enough, then you’ll be able to come up with more specific trade show marketing ideas to meet your needs and your situation. There’s something to be said for going to trade shows as an observer, and watching the pros before your first try.



James Mello
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