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It may sound like a very modern, perhaps even “edgy” methodology, but believe it or not, buzz marketing is the oldest form of marketing known to man. In the early days of trade and commerce, before the invention of mass-publishing technologies, like the printing press, word of mouth marketing was the only way to reach out to a wider consumer base. Your customers had to be within eye and earshot of your stall. Buzz marketing examples can be found as far back as the ancient silk-road, and the voyages of traders, such as Marco Polo. But, I digress; that’s not what we’re here to talk about. What we’re here to do today is point out some actual, successful buzz marketing campaigns of the modern era;  You can learn how to harness this most ancient and still most effective strategy to gain public awareness and interest in a digital world. The internet is the primary means of communication for at least half of the world’s consumer population today (and with the increase of affordable and practical computers and smart devices, it will soon encircle the entire globe). So it stands to reason, that most modern examples of buzz marketing are going to utilize this communications medium.  But Buzz marketing has much greater reach, when it comes to B2B. What’s so different about B2B word of mouth VS traditional marketing Buzz? The techniques are similar, they just have to be tweaked so you can hit the right people; the CEO, CTO, the developers…the decision makers. Social Media It should come as no surprise that having an account on a social network (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr Pinterest etc…) is a necessity. By publishing useful information; such as answering questions and exploring trending topics, you grow as an influencer in the field.  Your “fan community” is a marketing powerhouse; You have to pick the right outlet, though. Jetsetter ( played on the power of ‘vacation pictures’ to boost its business using Pinterest. As followers, connections and shares grow, you should continue to engage the audience.; Eventually the audience will include people with power. This is how buzz can deliver decision-makers to you (inbound marketing) instead of you searching for them. Be Unique and Highlight your differences There are 1000 espresso machines out there, why should my company buy yours? Why should I choose your CRM service over others? If your product has a feature that no one else offers, highlight it. Compare yourself to competitors and show why you are better. A more recent example of buzz marketing (and one of the examples that’s also earned it the name of viral marketing) is the “Will it Blend” videos that spread across video sharing sites like wildfire. Blendtec’s videos consistof a charismatic Billy Mayes-type individual putting various household items and gadgets into a blender and pulverizing them. No other Blender on the market was this powerful. It’s true that some were cheaper, and some were prettier and some could hold a higher volume of liquid; But Bleendtec is the most powerful, so that’s what they went with. Become B2B Buddies Continuing with the Blendtec example, their videos not only boosted the popularity and awareness of the various items ‘facing their doom’, but also bolstered the popularity of otherwise overlooked sharing sites like Dailymotion and Vimeo (who at ne point couldn’t seem to get a leg up on YouTube). Eventually, Blendtec could choose where to place their videos and what product they would blend, creating publicity for all. Working with other companies to help promote each other is a win-win. The three points above highlight B2B buzz marketing examples, If you look back over thousands of years word of mouth, or buzz, has worked in history and, as long as you adapt it to the digital era, it will work in the future.


Kevin Goldberg