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Eight Must Reads to Increase Conversions

Eight Must Reads to Increase Conversions

David Lavinsky once wrote an article on increasing conversion rates and he said the following: “No matter how good your conversion rates are, they can always get better.” As a marketer you must always focus on your end goal, if you want to increase profits then you need to increase conversion rates.   In order to increase conversion rates you have to keep up with the newest trends that will separate you from the competition. For this reason I am always reading articles, for new insights and tips on how to increase leads and conversions. This can be in the form of SEO articles, which metrics to measure, or newer trends like virtual reality marketing.   The point is, if you want more conversions, you’ll need to read more. Lucky for you, i’ve already read some of the best articles this month and have compiled them neatly for your reading pleasure.  

We Analyzed 203,900 Data Points to Answer the Question: Do Keywords Matter?

This is a great example of a marketer providing real value in their article, Neil Patel and his team analyzed over 200,000 data points to see if keywords really matter. Neil concludes that if you do proper keywords research, and write in-depth articles about the topic you can “bury your competitors”.  

3 Crazy-Effective Ideas to Unlock the Full Power of RLSA

Larry Kim goes through some of his less traditional methods on how to “unlock the full power” of remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA). Kim suggests for those on a small budget to focus their search ad campaigns solely on remarketing and to forget the rest. He also suggests leveraging demographics bids in combination with RLSA, and convincing your partners and competitors to do RLSA as well. lkhxbkpwhz8-gianandrea-villa-1

Last-minute SEO for the holidays

Although your SEO efforts should have already been squared away months ago if you want to properly rank for this holiday season, Dave Davies informs his readers how they can still bring in some quick wins. Some of his tips include; optimizing titles and descriptions, content optimization, and reverse keyword focus.  

Virtual Reality Marketing- Fad or Future Reality

Marketers can use virtual reality to allow customers to become fully immersed in the customer experience of their product. Laura Darkstar points out that smaller business on a lower budget can take advantage of virtual reality as well with 360 videos. Laura also demonstrates how virtual reality can provide useful for market research as well.  

The 5 Marketing Metrics You Should Care About The Most

Reading metrics gives us a better idea of how we’re doing, the catch is that you need to look at the right numbers, and be able to properly interpret those numbers.  This article serves the purpose of identifying which key performance indicators (KPI’s) you need to pay attention to.
Convert Users Faster By Guiding Them to Where YOU Want Them to Go

10 Digital Trends to Inspire Your 2017 B2B Content Marketing Strategy

Ryan Young graciously put together a list of ten digital marketing trends to consider while putting together your content marketing plan. Ryan discusses the rise of video and its great potential for ROI. He also points out that inbound marketers are cranking out more and more content, so you have to make sure you’re keeping up with your competition.  

6 Ways to Come up With Better Blog Post Ideas

As someone that runs a blog, I’m no stranger to the frustrations that come along with the job. The struggle to constantly come up with blog post ideas can be an exhausting process. Nadya Kohja goes through 6 ways that you can come up with better blog post ideas. Nadya suggests that you try and answer your readers “burning pains”, to give article roundups a try, and using idea generation tools.  

10 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Writing An Email Subject Line

Kristina Petrick introduces her post with this great quote “Think of your email subject lines as your business’ digital handshake. You don’t want it to be too frail or too strong; it has to be just right.” You spent time on the content of your email and it deserves to be read, but this won’t happen if you make any of the mistakes Kristina lays out in her article. I know it’s a lot to take in, try taking on one or two new practices and put them to the test. See what ideas you can implement into your marketing strategy that will ultimately lead to more conversion rates.   I hope you can take some of the lessons and insight from these articles. Be sure to let me know on Twitter which articles you found most helpful, and also to let me know what articles I should include next month for a special end of the year roundup.


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