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Since the beginning of the modern internet revolution, with most members of society integrating the use of computers and web services in their everyday lives, one hurdle seems to plague businesses: internet marketing. How can businesses properly use internet marketing to reach the ‘connected’ masses? Part of the problem is that older generations still hold full control of the positions in marketing leadership, and they have an older mindset. Or perhaps internet marketing is hard for everyone (no matter how clever they are). Let’s face it; it’s even hard for experts to take advantage of the full potential of something as huge and multifaceted as the internet. Heck, even the cutting edge programmers and scientists are often impressed by what others figure out can be done with internet technology. So, it’s understandable that even the most seasoned product marketers might have to stay constantly updated on internet marketing tips. The internet is a big place; it’s comprised of more than one protocol, channel and website. When most people think “internet,” they still think of hypertext websites. Naturally, those haven’t gone away, and more uses for them have arisen, but there’s a heck of a lot more to the internet than that. In this arena, banner ads and popups are everywhere. That’s why people use ad blocking technology to get these obtrusive things out of their faces – I do it and so do you. There are also technologies that work around pre-roll advertising in video streams, so while it’s a bad idea to abandon these, relying on them isn’t practical. So what can internet marketers do? The realization of how limitless the internet actually is, is the first step in taking hold of internet marketing. So, let’s explore what’s out there. Mobile Banners The first internet marketing tactic I want to point out is one that I myself overlooked for a long time: mobile marketing. When I noticed the integrated app stores that most mobile systems have access to, I noticed that a lot of free apps out there use a banner system not unlike website banners. This is a good product marketing tactic, and one you should take advantage of. I must warn you though, that your banner placement should never be static; they should show up periodically. Banners that take up part of the limited screen is not only annoying, but rarely gets noticed as it becomes part of the backdrop. Gaming There has been a big boom in product placement and dynamic adage in online gaming. I am not referring to casinos and gambling but rather to social and interactive games within sites and apps. Posters and signs that are dynamically placed within games are becoming standard. Even so, just like the banner ads in mobile apps, a lot of companies are overlooking this. Take the gaming industry seriously. Stop being closed minded about them. Social Media Embrace social marketing. Share content using Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and Tumblr. Post blogs reach out to users and interact with customers. Recently, a friend of mine tweeted that he “can’t stop thinking about the Tombstone pizza waiting for him in his freezer after work.” Tombstone then tweeted “We talked to that pizza, and all it can think about is you, too.” Isn’t that cute? The pizza company added a humorous and effective response. This kind of anecdotal, proactive marketing is the organic, not-obnoxious way to market in the new century. It’s also a way to go viral. Internet marketing is constantly changing and adapting to the ways in which people embrace web based technology. Although, effectively reaching the masses may seem like a daunting task, following these internet marketing tips can set you on the right path. Good Luck.


Kevin Goldberg