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Spotify is wrapping up their 2016 marketing campaign with a bang, and we wished we thought of it first.   Their tagline theme is “Thanks, 2016. It’s been weird.” They aren’t just referencing the relatable chain of unexpected current events that happened this year, but something even more intuitive. Spotify used their analytic software to gather specific data on their customers and target advertisements towards them…GENIUS!     However, this isn’t something they just started using, Spotify has been using analytics for some time now; to cater new playlists and music towards each of their customers, gather top songs for billboard charts, and now to air their customers hilarious listening patterns for the world to see.   Don’t worry, you won’t find your name in their ads – they are keeping them anonymous, but it makes it twice as more hilarious to imagine who these listeners might be.  

Take a look at some examples of billboards being showcased around the U.S:


You have to laugh at this ad showcasing one lonely soul on Valentine’s Day:


Or this targeted ad that reads from the left “Dear person in the Theater District who listened to the Hamilton Soundtrack 5,376 times this year.”


To this individual who is eagerly yearning for Christmas in the peak of summer and the top Panda related songs of 2016:


Why Their Campaign is So Genius

Their ads are localized, extremely targeted, and real. With a touch of quirk, humor, oddity, and personalization their campaign is garnering attention. Most of all, Spotify found a way to latch on to the human emotion – the strongest appeal of all. People are chattering all over social media and sharing with their friends and colleagues… and that’s just what Spotify is looking for – consumer brand loyalty and advocacy.


Hey Spotify, We Are Listening! 

Yup, Spotify is even taking their data driven campaign one step further. Soon the music giant will be sending personalized emails with data on your listening activity and usage. It gets us thinking if companies have more than one more benefit of investing in analytics and data other than targeting their advertisements, analyzing their costs, and product management in the traditional means.   Cheers to 2016, it’s definitely been a weird one.


James Mello
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