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Ok, at this point, if you’re looking for revolutionary new ideas about a corporate marketing strategy, then you’re in for a sore disappointment I have to say. Because in all honesty, since we talked about this about six months ago, nothing has remotely changed. And, it’s too early in the year to be making predictions about what’s soon to come. So, this corporate marketing strategy discussion is entirely for those who’re new to this blog and haven’t been privy, before this, to what we’ve said in the past about it. Ok, but Will You Say Useful Things: Yes, I will, because I think too many people are letting themselves sink into old predilections and ruts with this particular thing, and too often, these old ways are just a bad idea. What’s Wrong with Old Tried and True: Because, in all honesty, a lot of old marketing concepts may be old and tried, but no longer are they remotely true. Aggressive captive marketing and advertising, such as junk mail, commercial interruptions over radio and television, and particularly obnoxious kinds of spam are just a waste of your breath. That’s the Entire Marketing Field: No, no it isn’t. Stop thinking like you’re in the twentieth century, still. And, before you start rattling on about how you use the internet and I just said that was bad, give me a break. You’re using the internet, but you’re using it like the old deprecated mediums it has replaced. You can use this technology the right way, though. Ok, Smarty Pants, How: #1 – Engaging Social Network Use First of all, if you’re just spamming the hell out of people with your social network presence, you’re doing it completely wrong. Finally, there is a place on the internet where we can all perform for the masses in the most natural “thinking out loud” way. Look at the most successful social network accounts, and why they’re successful. They’re entertaining in an interactive way. Use that and quit barking at people. #2 – Use Content Marketing In that same vein, use actual content marketing as the basis for your outreach and conveyance. Write engaging literature, make interesting videos and do things that make people want to listen to you. The fact that it’s marketing should be an after fact for them. Consider it the proverbial spoonful of sugar. #3 – Use SEO Finally, when you’re doing corporate marketing, SEO is a huge tool to use. Because, you’ll be doing some B2B in this, and SEO is the way to do B2B. Providing useful publications that tie to search results via well placed keywords is a very good way to make sure people see you, and that you’re what they’re looking for. Don’t be so afraid of SEO like many are. It’s possible to abuse it, but using it is not abusing it. Conclusion: Your corporate marketing strategy is going to consist of a lot more planning and thinking through than this has indicated, naturally. But, what I really wanted to get out there, once more, is the new channels available and how to use them effectively and without being bloody annoying about it. That’s the biggest problem with marketing – keeping it from making customers hate you.



James Mello
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