Top 4 Trends in Product Marketing for 2016

ebook-prodmar-trends This eBook discusses the hottest trends in product marketing right now. Market trends are not only informative — they’re the key to your success. Marketing insiders that respond to these trends with intelligent solutions will certainly reap the rewards in years to come. The first trend is how search engines are testing out new ways of embedding video advertisements into search engine results pages, and expect to debut them this year. Typically, these pages have search-related text advertisements displayed at the top of the page, but alternatives are coming. Starting this year, web surfers will be able to see images and video of your product on their search results. These videos shouldn’t come from your marketing team alone; be sure to reach out to existing customers for new content. User-generated marketing content is not only free, but can be more effective on average. This eBook also discusses the easy, simple tactics to personalize your interactions discussed in this eBook. It really comes down to having a deep understanding of your customer’s needs and purchasing habits. This way, you will build meaningful (and profitable) relationships with existing and prospective customers. Everyone wants to feel valued, so make sure you treat your customers well. Big Data is revolutionizing the way we do business. Big Data can provide useful information on any process or human action, with the added benefit of being easily scalable. It is the convergence of enterprise and consumer information. This will render an improved return on investment since the strategies will be much more precise based on the specific and effective information retrieved. Harnessing the capabilities of this technology can give you the edge over competitors this year. To download “Top 4 Trends in Product Marketing for 2016,” simply fill in this form:

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