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10 Digital Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2017

10 Digital Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2017

“I’m going to increase conversion rates.”                                         “I’m going to double our web traffic.”                                                                             “I’m going to improve my social media ROI.”   Every year we usher in New Years with resolutions but most throw their arms up in frustration and quit trying by February. The trick to meeting your goals is to start on day one, and make slow and continuous progress every day, all year long.   Start making progress on your digital marketing goals by doing something today. Don’t wait to deal with the cold truth when a few weeks have already passed and nothing has been done. Do something today.   I recommend starting by reading this infographic, published by the Borenstein Group, on the top 10 Digital Branding and Marketing trends for 2017.   The infographic starts by stressing the importance for marketers to take a close look at advanced metrics for better insights. The Borenstein group argues that the importance of GPS-based SEO will overtake keywords, due to the shift from desktop to mobile search.   The infographic also predicts a rise in paid advertising on social platforms, which will make it difficult for users to discern what content they are reading.   Take a look at this infographic, read it over and start to come up with a marketing strategy which is best for your business. You can start the new year on the right foot and take a leap ahead of the competition, but you have to start today.


James Mello
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