How to Create a Market Positioning Map

A market positioning map is vital to determine the marketing strategy for a firm. This process is generally an effort meant to influence consumers’ perception of a certain product or brand relative to perception of competing products or brands. The objective is to effectively occupy a unique, advantageous and clear position in the mind of consumers.

Where Does Marketing Meet Customer Service?

If your marketing and customer service strategies do not meet somewhere, your customers will fall through the gap. Having an understanding of how these two departments come together for the customer experience is critical to delighting your customer throughout their relationship with your company. After all, the customer will look at these functions as coming

The Ultimate List of Internet Hosting Service Facts [Infographic]

Regardless of the industry you work in, you have competitors, which stinks. Imagine a world where you have no competition, your product would be able to get the proper attention it deserves. But alas, there is no escaping the inevitable truth that to see revenue you will need to compete, and compete fiercely.   There

The Product Market Expansion Grid Explained

Created by the father of strategic management, Igor Ansoff, the Product Market Expansion Grid is known to be used by many Fortune 500 companies such as Philips, IBM and General Electric.   First an applied mathematician, then an economist, Ansoff later became a planning specialist (and eventually vice-president) for Lockheed where he gained experience in

How to Be a Well-Rounded Marketer: An interview with Marketing Influencer Santiago Uribe

The path to success may not always be clear for marketers, and having your voice heard among your competitors can be exceedingly challenging. Part of this challenge is created by the competitive market, while the other part is the ability to adapt and innovate as an individual marketer.   Learning from other marketers can help

[Infographic] Top 7 Tips for Email Subject Lines (To Avoid the Spam Folder)

It’s that 4-letter word that no marketer wants to hear. It’s the marketing blacklist that everyone wants to avoid. The Spam Folder.   SPAM. And we aren’t talking about the mystery meat that you find in a tin can…the other type of spam – the Blackhole of emails that readers automatically delete.   Take a look