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In my last post, I talked about some great product marketing ideas… but I had so many that I actually had to limit the number (due to space constraints). If I’d gone through all of them, the blog would be too long, and the chances a reader would get through the whole post are minimal (especially if reading it on your mobile phone).

So, today, I am going to give you a bonus post of three more product marketing ideas that I just couldn’t squeeze into the last article.

Gartner market guide digital adoption platforms 2022

#1 – YouTube, Blip and Vimeo Ads

These are the three biggest public access video stream providers out there. YouTube, Blip and Vimeo are actually very useful for PPC ads; They integrate your ads as pre-rolls, popups and in other strategic sequences.

YouTube and Blip receive an incredibly heavy load of traffic – from all types of users; from devoted, loyal subscribers to idle, bored surfers who have boring desk jobs. Using video platforms to advertise your product has the potential to reach the widest, worldwide demographics. By applying social media marketing plan to these platforms, you’re looking at a single outlet, with a broad outreach.

Modern marketing is all about spread. Broad reach means that although you may be ‘barking up a lot of wrong trees’ it provides you with the opportunity to bark up the right ones as well.

#2 – Mobile App PPC Ads

Mobile app PPC ads are a great marketing solution for mobile oriented companies; this tactic is effective and affordable. Although inlaid ads on free mobile apps are somewhat obnoxious to users, they are unavoidable, so this is a channel you shouldn’t overlook.

#3 – Micromanaged SEO

This is actually one of my own ideas, something I rarely post, but what the heck, I have room today. With this strategy, you basically post information within many searchable sites -on a small scale – to ensure that searches within various sites and within major search engines find your information.

You can do this by posting comments on social networking sites and forums, responding to blogs, and uploading videos to YouTube. Major websites use a system of tags, so supplying keywords is a free technique that you can easily take advantage of.

I’ve listed three useful product marketing ideas; By combining these techniques with others that have mentioned before, you can achieve solid results. Just remember, above all, you can’t be afraid to take risks – In order to succeed in marketing, you must evolve, improve and implement new ideas.


Kevin Goldberg