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An effective consumer product marketing strategy is a valuable tool that can help the consumer to know about your product or service. For your company to be successful, it is important to increase the visibility and the reach of your product to your targeted audience. Ensure that your promotional advertisements reveal the salient features of your new product and leave your consumers with a budding interest in your product. An entrepreneur should have a website that embodies his company’s personality, what he promises to offer his customers and also provides a glimpse of his work and policies. Companies can use promotional gifts such as pens, calendars, stationery, apparel or health care products which can leave a lasting impression on their customers. Below are three important marketing tips for consumer products. 1. Know your product and your consumers What is unique about your product? To set your product above your competition, it must offer something that no one else does or does it better than others. There must be a good reason why an entrepreneur develops a product and what is special about it. A marketer should pick out those special things about the product and ensure to make them a big deal. During the production of your product, talk about it and get consumer excited about it. Your website should have dynamic content that talks about your product and also try to build your SEO to help consumers find your product. Its important to build persona’s in order to identify your ideal consumers. Once you know your clients, it will make your work easier to target that particular market and be able to build your niche. Take your time to know how your product is fitting into your customers’ life. 2. Know who is your competitor If your product is filling a need that has not been filled, then it’s time to take advantage of this market. Don’t talk about it unless your product lasts longer in the market, is brighter or costs less. An entrepreneur can concentrate and expand on these competitive advantages in order to build his niche. Do your research and find out what groups, tradeshows, conferences, etc your customers belong to so that your sign up and attend. By doing these, you will be able to align yourself with your ideal clients and also know your competitors better. While at the conference try some crazy tactics such as giving out some special offers on postcards with your product information on them. 3. Make sure to keep your clients coming back Start by building a buzz which can be achieved by taking up the leadership in your target market and expanding on it. One of the ways to build your target is by joining the online social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedln, etc. Provide your customers with quality customer service and great products that will keep them coming back. Use customer testimonials, word of mouth and referrals to market your product. This can be done by asking your customers to leave a review on your Twitter, Facebook or online forums. These are the top tips for consumer product marketing.



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