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Since the internet became not only popular, but extremely capable and broad in scope, there have been a number of theories and approaches to capitalize on this technology through its heavy use by the public. Symbiotically, both website owners and marketers found a system which seemed to aid them both, without terribly annoying the user. This became known as PPC, or pay per click advertising. But, before we give any PPC marketing tips, let’s actually look really quickly at something. This is not unlike email marketing in that it has had a very tumultuous life so far. When this first came around, during the turn of the millennium, it was mildly tame. First off, the entire internet was still pretty ugly, and as a result, ugly ads blended in. Second, they were limited in ability. Soon, refinement to website aesthetic standards and best practices, and more sophisticated browser technology led to many obnoxious employments of this. But, in the wake of adblock and other tools, PPC has had to make a paradigm shift, and make some conceits to the people. And this is the nature of these PPC marketing tips, in fact. #1 – Choosing your Technologies Ok, this only matters to the website owner and the advertising service, but marketers, you listen up, too. You may learn something. Think long and hard about the technology you’re going to be using to deliver ads. Some things are far less annoying than others. Things such as interstitial ads, AJAX overlays and popups are just abysmal, and they need to go. They never generate clicks, so what little you get from views doesn’t make up for the alienation of your audience. #2 – Ads that Pop Ok, adblock makes banner ads harder to do, but more and more, people are permitting these on sites that need the money. Most people have ethics and use it wisely, just on sites that are inappropriate with their in your face ads that destroy the user experience. So, where it matters that you can be seen, you will be seen. Help yourself truly be seen past this, with ads that look good. Something colorful, possibly tastefully abstract. Flat cubism is a popular aesthetic, with simple transitional animations to logos and text. And, they feel so much like part of well designed sites, most people only notice them if they’re interesting. #3 – Incentivize Clicks Ok, use this wisely. But, incentivizing clicks is important both to website owners and to the marketers. And making the website force clicks is despicable, so offering a legitimate reward for investigating your wares is a very wise idea. An affiliate marketing program with specific websites is a good way to make this work, because the site can possibly provide the reward as well. #4 – More Technology Ok, mobile app ads are kind of annoying, but they’re never going to be blockable, and we’ve just gotten used to them at this point. Take it on the chin when you use ad powered software. Capitalize on it for your marketing. Advertise on mobile.




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