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Over the past decade, B2B marketing strategies have emerged as discipline on their own rights and divergences in the marketing practices have been noticed. However, it is very important to note that with the constant shift from offline to digital marketing tactics, the push for evolution of B2B online marketing approaches is a continued process. The following are some factors that influence B2B marketing strategies.
  • Change to search engine algorithms
  • The ever evolving social media platform
  • Modern marketing technology
  • Change in the device usage
  • Emphasis on accountability

5 B2B Marketing Strategies You Must Implement

1. B2B Mobile Marketing Enhance mobile marketing is very essential for B2B marketer. For instance, today, many business decision influencers use mobile devices to interact, access websites and check their emails every time they have time. Also, according to 2013 strategic technology trends stats, 89% of all organization departments were found to be supporting the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy, which makes mobile tablets to become part of device mix in several business enterprises. Engaging this multi-mobile marketing strategy in your business will significantly help you directly engage with customers who are involved in B2B buying process. This responsive design will allow your website to re-size according to the screen of the devices that is viewing your website. This gives your site a better user experience with no need of creating a separate website for your mobile devices by complementing the desktop website. If you haven’t incorporated this B2B mobile marketing strategy then it is time to implement it. 2. B2B Native Advertising B2B native advertising or paid media content is specially designed to easily integrate with several editorial content is playing a huge role in the digital marketing. Native advertising sponsored content adheres to the form, context and function of the website and does not disrupt its user’s experience. Examples of B2B native advertising can be promoted tweets and Face book sponsored stories. As a marketer, you can use the B2B native advertising to gain more site traffic and generate leads from your social media platform. For instance, your LinkedIn account allows you to sponsor marketing content in newsfeed of highly targeted LinkedIn users. B2B native marketing also allows marketers to direct relevant marketing context only to specific audience segment. It concentrates on developing content that buyers only consume while avoiding overtly promotional content. B2B native advertising is a must have tool if you want to clearly direct you advertising content to your targeted customer increasing number of useful leads. 3. Agile Marketing Agile marketing strategy is a perfect response to the rapid transforming digital marketing. Because of the shift expansion of channel and devices which is fragmenting marketing media the traditional ways of managing business marketing processes can not keep up with these fast paced changes. you have to have a quick adapting marketing strategy that can match with the ever changing market so that you can remain competitive. Agile marketing strategy gets its inspiration from agile software development and its core is adaptability the change marketing trend rather than other rigid marketing strategies. It makes use of iterative process to come up with many short marketing experiments through a lot of data collection and testing. These bite sized marketing strategies only last for a maximum two weeks and new designs are developed based on the performance of previous B2B Marketing Strategies. Although, this strategy may seem as sophisticated trial and error approach in marketing, it is the simplest way that quickly reacts to the ever changing market thus yielding results, because it emphasizes on teamwork and empowerment of people who in the front line in make decision on how goals are to be met. This is a must have B2B marketing strategies you must implement in your business if you want to scale huge heights of success in the future. 4. Guest Blogging  Guest blogging is one of those B2B marketing strategies that easily sits within content marketing umbrella but it is essentially refer it a light form of B2B native advertising, only that you are publishing your promotional content on another platform. Guest blogging prioritizes the need of getting the promotional content to the audience, meaning that the only resource which you need to put in guest blogging is time. When using guest blogging, first establish a good relationship before publishing your content. For instance, you can start by joining in the conversation on other person blogs, then share their content and talk to them via twitter. This marketing strategies work wonders since you are putting valuable content in front of an established audience which generates huge amount of traffic on your site. Make sure that you also think about their audience, what are their major challenges and the kind of content that is bring shared before engaging with your target customers via guest blogging marketing strategy. 5. Marketing Automation  We used to have a fragmented times where pieces of B2B strategies lived in silos. But with the marketing automation strategy softwares such as Marketo and HubSpot, these silos can be integrated inside an extremely powerful platform. Marketing automation is an automated strategy that allows your email marketing, CRM, SEO, Content Management and lead scoring to be included in a single place. Therefore, capturing, and closing leads can be done easily in a single platform from an automated platform. Whatever the stage your business is, getting started with B2B marketing automation strategy it makes it very easy and affordable. Start looking in the automation tools that are available such zapier, unbounce and mailchimp and educate yourself on the many possibilities that you can achieve while using these tools. All companies that put great effort towards keeping up with the ever changing B2B marketing strategies improve on their changes to be successful. As far as it is concerned, if you stand apart in the race of incorporating new trending B2B marketing strategies you will definitely fall behind in market competition thereby registering low sales, therefore, get started today.



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