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An effective consumer product marketing strategy is a marketer’s most valuable tool. In most cases, it’s the only way the consumer hears about your product or service. For your company to be successful, it is critical to increase the visibility and reach of your product – to your targeted audience.

How can you push your product?

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Below are five important marketing tips for consumer products:

1. Promote your product.

Ensure that your promotional advertisements reveal the key features of your new product. But don’t reveal it all, sometimes leaving your consumers with a budding interest in your product is a great way to generate buzz. In addition, companies can hand out promotional gifts such as pens, calendars, stationary, apparel or health care products. (The logo is in constant view and leaves a lasting impression on recipients).

2. Use your website.

Your website should embody the personality of your company  but even moreso, it should provide a summary of how your product works  and what benefits it provides. Your website should have dynamic content, articles and blogs that talk about your product. Use keywords to build your SEO and help Google- and consumers – find your product.

3. What is unique about your product?

To set your product apart from the competition, it must offer a feature that no one else has or it must do something better than the others. A marketer should pick out these special features and turn them into a ‘big deal.’ Talk about what makes your product unique and get consumers excited about it.

4. Know your competitor.

If your product is filling a need that has not been filled, then it’s time to take advantage of the market. Expand on these competitive advantages and build your niche. Do your research and find out what tradeshows, conferences and webinars  your customers and competitors attend, so that you can be part of the scene. Align yourself with your ideal clients. Know your competitors. Try out-of-the box tactics to get noticed. 5. Make sure to keep your clients coming back

It’s important to build personas in order to identify your ideal consumers. Once you know your clients, it will make it easier to keep them coming back. One of the ways to build your target is by joining online social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedln, etc.  Provide your customers with quality customer service and great products that will keep them loyal. Use customer testimonials, word of mouth reviews and referrals to market your product. Ask your customers questions and encourage them to comment on your media channels and online forums.

 At the end of the day, there is no point in creating a great product if you have no idea how to effectively market it. I have outlined the top 5 tips for optimizing your consumer product marketing strategy. Good luck!

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