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This Sunday May 29th is the 100 running of the Indianapolis 500. “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing” as it is known will undoubtedly bring incredible excitement and drama from a racing perspective, but today I want to look past what everyone else is talking about and take a look at some of the sponsors. Owning and operating a racing team is an extremely expensive proposition and therefore teams need to partner up with sponsors in order to generate team income. The benefit is mutual of course as the brands enjoy high brand visibility, and most racing drivers make great corporate spokesman. There are many famous examples like the yellow and red Pennzoil cars. The red and white Target sponsored race cars and the cool silver of the Verizon cars. Considering the nature of this blog I wanted to look at some of the drivers who are sponsored by technology and software companies. Take a look at our profiles below:

6 Indianapolis 500 Drivers who are sponsored by Tech Companies



James Mello
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