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8 Marketing Must-Reads from August 2016

8 Marketing Must-Reads from August 2016

This month I found influencers focusing in on content marketing and social media marketing. I have compiled my monthly list of the top reads from this past month. The articles this month cover how to use marketing tools, how to create more effective content, creating better Pinterest posts and more.  

5 Simple Goals For Social Network Marketing

Eric Miller points out in his article the necessity of sending your company’s message out through social media. He says that many of the companies that invest in social media are often discouraged by the results because they lack an understanding of where their campaign efforts should be concentrated. He then goes on to share what kind of content your company can create to focus on the five goals of social media marketing.  

20 Ways to use these 5 Top Online Marketing Tools

While many of us marketers know which online marketing tools can be used to boost our business. What many might have trouble doing is properly using these marketing tools to achieve top results. Neil Patel tells us his secrets of how to effectively use tools such as; BuzzSumo, Hootsuite Google Analytics and others. photo-1432888622747-4eb9a8efeb07 (1)

6 Reasons your content- marketing efforts are failing

Although Terri Brown is writing her article for restaurant owners, her lessons speak true to all of us who are constantly creating content. In the beginning of her article she stresses the importance of quality over quantity speaks true for products the same way it should speak true for content. She then goes on to list six common pitfalls when creating content that should be avoided.  

How to find the right analytics for the right marketing job

In this article Alan K’necht takes analytics and breaks them down into three major categories, and how to use these analytics to create and effective marketing campaign. Alan points out that marketers need to show that their marketing budget has resulted on a good ROI, so marketers need to discern which analytics are relevant and how to use them.

Staying one step ahead of Changing Marketing World- An Interview With Sam Hurley

Marketing influencer Sam Hurley shares his insights on what separates a good marketer from a great one. Sam also shares his techniques for standing out against competing brands when launching a marketing campaign.    

9 Steps to more pinnable pinterest posts for your business

According to recent studies Pinterest is driving three times more web traffic than Twitter. Julia Campbell shares 9 tips on getting your pins more shares, likes and comments. After reading this article I definitely have reconsidered the way I look at pinterest and its potential.  

Data May Be the Holy Grail, But Creative Is The Secret Weapon

Jeff Rosenblum makes a convincing argument as to why creatives need to use data properly and lead them to even better driven ideas. Jeff explains the top three benefits in creatives embracing data and what this will lead to.  

3 Essential Content Marketing Skills

In a very back-to-school-esque article, Heidi Cohen posits that the three most important skills to hone in on are as follows; reading, writing and arithmetic. Beyond using the technology and tools available to us, marketers must constantly renew their fundamental skills in order to constantly produce great content.    


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