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Contextual marketing is a type of marketing that uses online means to promote products and services. It searches for keyword in a target website and posts ads that are related to the information in the webpage. The ads provide more information to the web users about the products and services that they are reading about and the offers that are available.

The Benefits of Contextual Marketing

Cost effective It is cheaper than other conventional methods of marketing. You only pay for the ads that have been clicked by the users rather than the display of ads on the webpage. The users are given an option of making a purchase via one click on the provided link. Get targeted traffic By using this type of marketing, you will be sure to reach your target traffic as the ads are posted in websites that have particular keywords. It is the best way for promoting products and services online in a specific niche market. Measure success of ads campaign Contextual marketing provides a platform for measuring the success of an advertising campaign. It employs strategic patterns to ensure that advertisements are shown in a geographical location of your choosing. It also decides the time, the month and other parameters that will ensure that the advertisement is a success. You will therefore get value for money for your advertisements. Ability to engage costumers It provides an avenue for engaging your customers. The webpage visitors find the information on the links and advertisements useful as they are relevant to what they are looking for. They get engaged without the need for searching for a particular product or service on their own. They will therefore be more likely to give a feedback concerning a particular product or service. High sales It is more likely that by using contextual marketing, users who are searching for a particular keyword will click the links provided in a webpage so that they get more information about the subject. Consequently, the users will buy the product and well as increasing brand exposure. User satisfaction The users will get exactly what they are looking for without having to use more effort searching for a particular keyword. The links provided in the webpage are relevant as they are based on researched keywords. The information will be satisfying as the advertisement is crystal clear and is straight to the point. No annoying messages This type of marketing does not bombard the users with pop-up ads on webpage. Since the content is relevant to the users, the links are enticing as it provides more detailed information about the product. The users will be encouraged to click on the link and this can lead to the users purchasing the product. Conclusion Contextual marketing is therefore a cost effective way to generate more sales as well as reaching a target market. The links and ads are related to the content of the webpage. The tools that you are provided with ensure that you are able to measure the success of a particular ad campaign.



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