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1. All Roads Lead to Revenue Marketing – But is it time to get moving? The emergence of the new concept of revenue marketing is a sign that customer attributes are changing and that businesses need to adapt accordingly. But does your marketing department have the right structure, skills and a compensation plan necessary to implement a successful revenue marketing campaign? Read this article by Neil Davey to find answers to this question. 2. 5 Google+ Promotion Tips for Your Business Google+ is a potential game-changer in the social media marketing world. It has the ability to connect your business to millions of potential clients. Find out how to leverage Google+ into something that’ll help you take your business to the next level Anna Fox’s guest post. 3. 5 Lessons I Learned in 2013 that I’ll Repeat in 2014 Amy Porterfield, a renowned blogger and trainer, shares some of the lessons she learned in 2013 that she’ll be taking with her into 2014. There’s a lot you can learn from this simple podcast audio post. Make sure to create sometime to listen to this inspiring audio. 4. Got Compelling Content? 4 Crucial Next Steps 93% of online marketers claim to use content marketing as part of their marketing strategy. Would you like to make the most of your content marketing campaign? Make a date with this post by Arnie Kuenn. 5. Social Media Marketing Tips That Will Change your Business Are you using the right social media to drive your marketing campaign? Chances are that your business could perform better this year if you tweak a few social media things here and there. Read this thought provoking article I recently wrote.



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