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It’s hard to believe half of summer is behind us. Here are some of the articles I enjoyed reading this week. 1.  5 Things Digital CMOs Do Better Jake Soroffman’s article defines five critical ways that digital CMOs do a superior job to their peers. I think you’ll find that the differences he suggests are noteworthy. 2.  10 Very Cool Examples of Experiential Marketing This article by David Moth provides an exciting overview of experiential marketing and its ability to generate positive emotions in potential customers. You’ll find the examples that Moth uses particularly intriguing. 3.  How to Define Critical KPIs Across the Marketing Funnel Jessica Donlon’s article helps us better understand the funnel effect of KPIs. I think you will find this article and its graphics of good value to you and your business. 4.  The Power of Empathy for More Customer Focused Content Marketing This article by Lee Odden emphasizes the role of empathy towards customers on their journey. He offers up great insights on the importance of empathy in creating focused and creative content, which moves your business from mechanical to meaningful. 5.  3 Growth Hacks for Product Marketers Finally, this is an article I wrote about the importance of optimizing keyword searches, encouraging viral marketing and striking a balance between personal and professional. I hope you’ll enjoy these growth hacking opportunities to help enhance your marketing strategy.



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