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I think you’ll find this week’s Best of the Week in Product Marketing particularly interesting. Not only do these articles speak to the possibilities of non-traditional advertising, but some even make efforts to forecast the effectiveness of  1. Saying ‘Yes’ to Content Marketing Doesn’t Mean Abandoning Traditional Advertising This article by John Hall outlines the value of content marketing compared with traditional advertising. If you are not making content a marketing priority, this article may help you make some critical changes. 2. 5 Reasons Your Inbound Marketing Strategy Will Fail Robert Coles article identifies some of the ways our marketing strategies are bound to fail. From marketing time management mistakes to SEO shortcutting, these particular strategies are familiar to many of us, but Cole’s article showcases exactly what may be most ineffective about some of your cost-saving or time-saving strategies. 3. Find Out if Your Online Marketing Efforts are Getting Results with Google Analytics URL Destination Goals If you’re tracking types of conversions with URL destination goals in Google Analytics, Kristi Hines’ article will help you better understand how to get the results you need. I think you’ll particularly appreciate the way that she helps you identify the most valuable traffic you receive to your site in terms of lead generation, email list possibilities and sales. 4. Is This a Big Year of Big Data for Marketing This article by Michael Brenner he makes some excellent predictions for the future of big data in 2014. In particular he notes that we’ll become smarter marketers as the projected numbers of connected devices hits 50 billion by 2020. I think you’ll find his insights particularly interesting. 5. 5 Ways Smart Product Marketers Use Calls-to-Action And here’s one I wrote- This article helps to identify the best ways to use Calls-to-Action when marketing. These are ways to help you grab attention, encourage action and improve your sales. These won’t cost a lot of time or energy, but they will encourage maximum results.



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