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Effective black hat marketing can get traffic to your website and increase your sales volume. By definition, Black Hat is an SEO used to get higher search ranking in an unethical way. It not only gives you popularity in less time but also could allow you to rule the search engine. Understanding the Merits: The main advantage of black hat technique is the speed at which a website ranks on search engines. Generally, using this technique will rank for some competitive terms in as little as one week thereby creating an opportunity to make tons of money. In short, Black Hat SEO is a technique you can use if you want quick results and revenues from your business.

Black Hat Marketing Techniques to Know

Google always tries to update its algorithms with an attempt to provide users with valuable and pertinent information in search results. Even then, black hat marketing always adapt and find the possible ways of ranking high. The techniques below are not quite new. You have probably seen them work in one way or another in the past. However, the same techniques are still kicking and punching this year and you can use them to determine whether your current Search Engine Optimization firm is compromising your business website. Hidden Content There will be content stuffed with keywords within the content of the website. The content here will not be visible to the end users. Use the comment tags to create the hidden content. The commenting tags are used a reminder on what exactly a piece of code does. The use of the non-script tags on the page is another great way to have hidden content on your website. A non-script tag, in all cases, tells the user that a script is running on the website but the browser they are using does not support the script. The two approaches are used in a bid to promote hypothetical page targeting a particular keyword in mind. Meta Keyword Stuffing You can find the Meta tags within the head tag page of a website’s page. They are quite relevant for improving the ranking of a particular website’s page on a search engine. A little more care can help you use the Meta description efficiently to improve your ranking on search engine. Only use the Meta description to describe the content of your page concisely, honestly and precisely. It should be one, two or three sentences at most. Gateway Pages These are search engine designed pages, not user designed. The end user will not see these pages because they are automatically redirected to the targeted page of your website. The gateway pages are fake pages. You could term them as fake paths stuffed with content and highly optimized that links to a target or landing page. Conclusion Link farming is not an effective black hat marketing technique. Think of it this way, building your home in a bad neighborhood, your house will be affected by a negative surrounding. The same thing is true for the virtual world’s link farming. Link farming does nothing other than listing links of unrelated websites. They will never provide you with any traffic and you run the risk of your site being banned for participation on search engine.



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