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Upselling and cross selling are the most common ways to market to a customer, because they are the most frequent to naturally happen. Existing customers become a goal, to marketers and sales people, to augment for more revenue. Getting customers to pay for upgrades or higher echelons of the product or service, which is upselling, is the most common of the two of them. Along with cross selling – signing up for semi related services or purchasing additional products that are suggested – these comprise the most average kind of marketing we encounter, especially online. Ecommerce is a major place to see upselling and cross selling, and if you want to market successfully online, you’ll be wanting to use this to get the most out of your customers. Now, these are hard sells, and you can run the risk of being annoying with it if you push too hard. Luckily, a new kind of software, which wasn’t originally created for this, has made managing these things much more effective and less obnoxious. WalkMe was created originally to create tutorials. These were a new kind of tutorial, which guided the user through complex processes one step at a time, observed their patterns, and corrected mistakes, prompted steps to be taken, and even controlled the form elements to some extent. It’s programmed with a point and click logic system that’s remarkably easy to use. It acts on the philosophy of learning by doing, and getting real work done while the training takes place. This same technology can be used to intelligently and passively upsell and cross sell your products or services. It can integrate into the ecommerce forms, and it can make recommendations (with easy quick purchase buttons etc.) to the customers that make real sense to what the customer is looking for. Along with this, it can show where upgrades to a product or service would make a task easier, and even demonstrate it to them. This kind of software, which was designed to handle confused users face with complex tasks, is smart enough to learn a customer and work with them to show them the things best suited for them. Of course, you may as well take advantage of its self service power too, making your ecommerce site much easier to interact with, and to alleviate the stress on customer service and support. This software is capable of tracking previous purchases, memorizing customer patterns and search trends, and always keep a bead on them so that you can recommend things to them they actually might want, or enhancements they could genuinely use. When your marketing is this targeted, you’re more apt to offer them things they can’t deny they’d like to have and possibly even need. This software is affordable and easy to set up, and it works with any web based interface, meaning you can integrate it into anything you’ve set up readily and hassle free.



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