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Email marketing software reviews help marketers to determine which type of software can give the best results when it comes to email marketing. Email marketing involves the use of email to send marketing messages to a group of clients or prospective customers at once. There are specific software tools which help in facilitating and enhancing such communication. The types of email marketing software include the following. 1.  Emma  The Emma software has 40 templates which you can choose from. This software allows you to drag and drop, and also edit emails. This software can be integrated with social media sites and enables you to see the users who visited or liked your page. 2. ExactTarget This email marketing software is mostly used by big companies who send out email messages in bulk. The software just, like many email marketing softwares can also be integrated with social media sites. The software allows you to track clients who visit your pages and their response at any time. 3. Constant Contact The Constant Contact email marketing software has over 400 templates which have been customized. The software can be integrated with social network site like Facebook and clients can sign access emails directly from the Facebook page. When using this software, you can easily manipulate the from subject in your emails without necessarily having to change or create a new account. The monitoring mechanism enables you to monitor the delivery of messages, message forwarding between your clients and their overall reactions as well as activities on your pages or websites. 4. MailChimp The MailChimp software has more than 400 templates you can choose from. The good thing about these templates is that they can also be used on mobile phones. The software also allows you to drag and drop edits on your emails. Mailchimp is also integrated with other programs, including social networking sites. The tracking mechanism enables you to monitor client activities on your pages and their responses as well as reactions. 5. Aweber  This software has over 150 templates and encompasses several features. It allows you to tell which client visited a specific page on your website and also gives you the opportunity to include attachments in all emails you sent to your clients. Email marketing software reviews might not give you the full technical details about the different softwares. Therefore, it is important to carry out some research before settling on any particular software. The choice of software might be influenced by the size of the company or the number of messages being sent out on a daily basis plus the price of the software. It is important to buy and use a good software which has a variety of templates and one which has the monitoring mechanism because this will enable you to monitor every little activity on your web pages and social network site pages. Effective and efficient email marketing software will make the process of email marketing more efficient and it is important to consult email marketing reviews before making your decision.



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