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LinkedIn is a very popular social media platform that is frequented by millions of focused business minded professionals. All of these are people who you can easily either persuade to hire you, sell your services/ideas to or even promote your brand to. However, benefiting from all that kind of networking is only possible with the best marketing approach. This being the case, in order to help you make the best off your marketing on LinkedIn, below is a summary of the reasons why you should seriously consider marketing on LinkedIn coupled with an overview of 5 simple strategies for marketing on LinkedIn and realizing your goals / objectives. Reasons for marketing on LinkedIn They include the fact that:  a) LinkedIn offers a wider selection of marketing features, most of which have have worked for other entrepreneurs operating in different fields. b) LinkedIn guarantees you unlimited access to several high profiling industrial experts from different fields c) LinkedIn guarantees you the opportunity to reach any targeted client/audience/market. d) Marketing through LinkedIn serves as an indication to the rest of the business world that your brand/service/business is embracing current technology [social media]. e) Marketing through LinkedIn makes it very easy to build great connections [with potential clients/business associates] crucial to growing business wise. Strategies for Marketing on LinkedIn  A. Create your profile and fill it to completion. Set up your own profile and make sure it is filled with details of your business activities. Take note, the more information you put up on your profile, the easier it will be for other business professionals to connect with you and most importantly get / understand your marketing message. Remember, since LinkedIn profiles are usually public; make sure that you optimize them for search engines as this will help make sure that you are easy to connect with. At such a point any marketing driven activity through your profile will surely reach your target market / audience / client etc. B. Set up a business page for your company/firm/organization Take advantage of LinkedIn’s features and create a page for your company. As far as marketing is concerned, setting up a company page will help put you company / firm/ organization on the spot from where through marketing you can communicate to your target clients / audiences / market how you can solve their problems or meet their needs. Having your own business page with also positively influence your marketing in the sense that the company would have grown slightly more visible and as a result marketing your ideas / services etc to other business minded professional will be much easier. C. Get active and stay interactive with others in the same industry as yourself  Once you have your profile set up and the business page already created, head out and connect with those in the same industry as yourself from LinkedIn’s 100 million plus members. The best way to do this is to search through the site other business people operating in your industry and then establish connections with them. Doing so is very important because it may most likely lead to new business ventures for your [partnerships in particular] which will make marketing your brand even much easier. Another good thing to do is to create easy routes for your brand info. This can be achieved by taking advantage of RSS feeds on personal blogs that is keeping in mind the fact that: as such platforms are known for their strong connection to target audiences. D. Join and actively participate in groups LinkedIn has groups available on just about each and every business aspect. Join these groups as they will allow you to market yourself/the business by sharing with others your expertise. In fact, these groups make marketing easier since you will have a particular section of your target market collected at one place. As a result, promoting your business/brand will be easier. Simply take advantage of email campaign and compose use based emails to your target market. This serves as a guarantee to pass your marketing message across stress free. E. Advertise your business extensively  Take advantage of paid advertising on LinkedIn to advertise your business. However, before you start using this feature; make sure that you fully understand how it operates and most importantly how to reach your target market using it. F. From your LinkedIn profile, create links to other social media  Create links to other social media platforms in order to widen the scope in which you broadcast information. Doing so will allow you to contact all those people who frequently use other media more consequently supercharging the rankings of your LinkedIn profile which in turn will make marketing much easier. Looking at the above, it is very clear that LinkedIn is the best choice for marketing any business/brand/service. In fact, it serves as a guarantee to raise your bottom line but only when used the right way. Social marketing alone is not enough, in case you are interested in the best results, then make sure that you connect more on social platforms designed specifically for business from your LinkedIn profile/business page.



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