SEO and Social Media: Putting a Powerful Team to Work for Your Business

Businesses often have problems deciding which type of online marketing to focus on, especially when it comes to new product launches. Without sales or ROI statistics to analyze, it’s hard to decide if you should invest more in SEO, social media, or content marketing when implementing a new offering. The truth is, SEO and social

Creating a Facebook Marketing Strategy

Facebook alone has more than 1 billion registered users which is the reason why many companies are developing their own Facebook marketing strategy to reach their potential clients. What this means for your marketing efforts is that there is a valuable tool you can and should use in order to attract customers and increase conversions.

INFOGRAPHIC: What You Need to Know About Twitter This Year

We all use twitter in our product marketing. But, as with all social media, twitter is constantly changing. That is why it’s important to stay on top of recent research to ensure you are doing your social media marketing correctly. I found this infographic extremely useful. I especially appreciated know that tweets with images have

Social Media Marketing Mistakes You’re Making

Social media is now the most powerful medium when it comes to marketing products and services. This is because people use social media as their preferred means of interaction with family, friends and colleagues. For example, Facebook has more than one billion users. This means that Facebook has more users than the total number of

Top Twitter Marketing Tools Trending Now

Everyone loves Twitter. While other names, like Facebook and LinkedIn are equally used names, and equally famous, you’ll spot something. In every media event, advertising campaign and the like, the primary link for social media tie in is in fact Twitter. So, no doubt you want to make avail of intuitive Twitter marketing tools because