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If you are not marketing your product on Twitter, you are missing out on excellent leads.

Having said this, there are people who are employing the wrong strategies on this social platform. Twitter is a marketing powerhouse; every marketer should tap into this channel. But, there is a right way and a wrong way to do this; you must employ only the right methodology if you want to maximize your sales.

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The following tips will show you how to market your product on Twitter in order to yield great results.

1. Expand your Following Even if you have brilliant product marketing content, it won’t matter if you only have a handful of Twitter followers – the content won’t be seen. Seek to have as many followers as possible. In fact, some of the most popular products that are out right now gained popularity due to Twitter followers that they’ve earned over time.

If you want your Twitter followers to be real, high quality leads, use twitter the same way that you would market your product. For example, you should never publish a direct sales pitch while posting on your account. (The sure way to turn off potential clients is to sell to them). Instead, be helpful and initiate conversations. Join discussions and start engaging with other members. Answer questions and respond to feedback.

2. Define your niche On Twitter, You can find it all; an account or discussion for every area of interest. Common sense dictates that most people will follow areas that are in their line of interest. Likewise, you should join conversations or follow people who are within your industry.

After establishing your niche, do some research to discover the keywords, issues and problems that exist regarding your product/service on Twitter?  What do people want to know? What issues interest them?

In addition, seek to network with potential customers. Beginners often make the mistake of offering opinions without responding to others. Start off by reading what others are saying, then respond to their comments and ideas.

3. Provide a solution To promote your product on Twitter; you must take every opportunity to provide answers to questions and solutions to problems. Being helpful is a sure way to earn trust from fellow members and attract a lot of followers. Create a presence. Provide answers to comments and discussions that are in line with the product you are selling. If you can avoid tweets that come off like ads, you will generate trust and earn a good reputation. 4. Offer Value From your Twitter account name to the tweets that you post, you should establish yourself as a value provider. For example, if you have a hair straightening product, people should always be looking to you to learn about hair-care. You can add useful advice, links or current news regarding hair-care. Information-rich tweets are the sure way to get your company noticed. As a leader in the field, people will come to you with queries. Go out of your way to answer them with relevant information. Others will start to take notice.

5. Avoid dry feeds

As far as automated tweets are concerned; you have the ability to make anything that you post, on your blog or site, turn into a tweet. This feature is effective – as long as you use it properly. Do not post links without writing an original line to accompany the link. Otherwise, people will think that you’re just pushing out promotions and content for your site. Make sure to spend time creating tweets with personality, so that people can emotionally connect to your Twitter posts.

Twitter has become an optimal social channel for marketers; the key lies in knowing how to use it. If you follow the five tips above, about how to market your product on Twitter, you will see positive results in no time.


Kevin Goldberg