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The specific marketing methods or advertising strategies in which you focus on unconventional marketing methods that require a small investment and gives maximum results is known as guerrilla marketing strategies. In case you want to know more about these marketing methods then follow are few killer Guerrilla marketing strategies that work. Use LinkedIn Many people prefer to use Facebook or Twitter for their business promotion, but if you want to implement guerilla marketing strategy for your business, then using LinkedIn is the best choice for this. We can also say that LinkedIn it the best social network for business promotion and if you use it wisely then you can get great success in your business using this tool. In order to get maximum benefit from it, you can create a LinkedIn group related to your product or service and you can invite more and more people in this group. Once you have a good number of people in your group you can start promoting your product using this group. Create an Event in LinkedIn When we talk about events you might think about so many other more popular sites, but we only recommend LinkedIn for this. There are two reasons for this recommendation and first reason is that its event application is much stronger than any other website and second and the most important reason is the target audience. If you are trying to sell a product to any business or working people, then you can find almost all those working people and many decision makers on LinkedIn, but this is not the case with other social networking sites. Give Your Product for Free If you are confident about your product and you are sure that people will like it after using it, then you can give it free to few people. People always like to have free things and after they get it, they love to use it as well. So if you will give your product free to others, then they will use it and they might share their experience with other people as well. In addition to this you can also host an online contest related to your product and in this contest you can give your product to people as a gift. Do Things Differently Doing thing differently is one of the best guerilla marketing methods and you can do that for your business as well. In order to do thing differently, you just need to think out of the box and you will be able to find so many ways for promoting your product or services. Some of these ideas might sound weird to others and to yourself as well, but you just need to understand this thing that people pay more attention on weird things. So, if this idea needs less budget and you feel it can give better result to your business, then there is nothing wrong in trying it because we have a lot of examples of this type of guerrilla marketing strategies that sounded weird at first place but gave great results to business.



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