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As you begin your Arbor Day, you will join millions of others who will be planting trees (or  at least thinking about trees). Many employees and customers find that Arbor Day is just “another day” for their business-oriented needs. However, many business lessons can be learned from the tree. This Arbor Day, Marketing managers should be looking to the forest and for answers- Trees tell a larger-than-life story. #1 Stand Tall and Proud Bamboo trees fascinate many people. These feeble-looking plants seem to endure all weather conditions and can sometimes be the last tree standing from a hurricane or storm. The bamboo tree looks petite and breakable, but quite the opposite holds true. Regardless of the size of your business- weather large or small- you can make a strong voice for yourself. Taking on the wisdom of the bamboo tree, you can continue to thrive. Keep yourself from feeling as though you cannot accomplish anything due to your business’ current stature. Even the smallest businesses can rise above the greats. Similarly, even the single employee in the large enterprise- such as Proctor and Gamble or IBM- can have an important impact. #2 Create an Energy Reserve A tree uses a process known as photosynthesis to create the energy it needs to feed itself. The energy continues down to the trunk and roots. A majority of the energy is stored here to help the tree survive hard times such as sunless days, harsh winters and nighttime. Similar to a tree, you too should have an energy reserve. Don’t burn out. Put proper processes in plance to ease the work stress. For example, when implementing social media marketing plan, Garner recommends: Design a plan for implementing one or more of the strategies described below, taking into account resource or technology needs, as well as the resulting investments that need to be made in staffing and/or tools. Keep a healthy balance between work and home-life to ensure your work performance is impressive in the future. #3 Adapt to Environment Changes Trees never withstand varying environmental conditions throughout their lifetime. Many of them are placed in harsh winters and scorching summers and yet they still remain in one piece. Finding methods to adapt such as reserving energy, adding protection and reserving water all are adaptation to environment changes. Taking this lesson from the tree and applying it to your marketing is noteworthy. Similar to a tree, your business will have to adapt to environment changes in order to survive. Products are always changing and keeping yourself up to date with all products is a necessity. As products increase in effectiveness, you adapt to them and let go of older products and marketing strategies. For implementing new processes or a new product marketing plan, follow Gartner’s recommendation: “Align objectives, develop a strategy and build a marketing IT road map via the marketing operations director and these teams”. To Sum Up Progress through your day and learn to be like the tree. Honor this Arbor Day and learn from the tree, who has an extensive knowledge in surviving and thriving. As a product manager, you may find that these tips hold exactly true to your job description and using similar techniques that growing in success is the only option.




James Mello
James is the Lead Author & Editor Product2Market of Blog. James writes for the Product2Market blog to create a source for news and discussion about some of the issues, challenges, news, and ideas relating to Product Marketing.