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Underrated Marketing automation tools are certainly an important part of SEO, and especially inbound marketing. There are numerous marketing automation softwares on the market, so it can be quite hard for you to pick a right one that will perfectly suit your inbound marketing campaign. We have assessed the best tools, and here is the marketing automation tools comparison of some of the most popular softwares on the market. Marketing Automation Tools Comparison and Overview We have picked to compare currently 4 of the most popular tools for marketing automation, which includes Infusion Soft, Act-On, Marketo and Eloqua. These 4 tools have high reputation, great credibility and we can certainly say that they are reliable enough for you to start using. Prices Firstly, let’s talk about prices of these tools. Currently, the most affordable one of these 4 softwares is certainly Infusion Soft which costs approximately $200 a month, and everything is billed monthly. Eloqua however is the most expensive one considering the average contract, and it costs approximately $1500 a month, and it is being billed annually. However, Eloqua software really offers a lot and can be attached to more users, so that is why the price is higher than other ones. Act-On and Marketo have an average contracts which are having a price of approximately $1000 a month. However, prices of these services primarily depend on your contract and requirements, so it can seriously vary from these given prices, which are estimated on an average contract. Also, remember that just because some tool is cheaper does not necessarily have to mean that it is a better value, since more expensive ones offer a lot more advanced features. Essential features for inbound marketing and automation Marketing automation’s main concept is not just setting your tools to automate certain tasks, but it is also about helping you to achieve better marketing solutions and help you to make far better marketing decisions. Tools that can save you a lot of the time are a big benefit, but you also have to consider that marketing automation isn’t for lazy ones, because it will still require from you to do certain tasks that can sometimes be very advanced and time-wasting. Level of complexity and number of features seriously varies in all of these marketing automation tools, so you have to carefully choose which one is the most appropriate for you. For example, Infusion soft has lesser features than these other 3 softwares, so that is the main reason why price of it is lower than the other ones. However, Infusion Soft is filled with great features, such as form, landing pages, lead nurturing, marketing analytics, webinar integration, contact database, visitor tracking and CRM. However, it lacks blogging tools, social media tools, dynamic content, SEO, Adwords Integration, A/B testing and timeline segmentation which are not very necessary features, but they can have an utmost importance for some more advanced users that expect more. Eloqua and Marketo pretty much have every one of these features, except blogging tools, CRM and CMS. Act-On is probably the most packed software which includes everything except CRM, which is pretty amazing.



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