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Monthly Roundup of Marketing Articles

Monthly Roundup of Marketing Articles

I managed to fish some truly unique pieces of marketing journalism this month, it includes a look into the future of marketing, a few great tips for growth hacking your marketing portfolio, and even a unique article discussing the delicate affairs between the product manager and the product marketer. I specifically enjoyed reading about the strategies that should be utilized to market to Millennials, investigation into the connection between the wearable industry and marketing, and the fascinating research of artificial intelligence doing the marketing for us.  

1. 7 Ways to Turn Expertise Into a Content Marketing Business

Content marketing takes a variety of skills, the main one being good at writing, but that it a very broad term. In addition content marketing is something that is still developing and many companies are yet to understand its importance. The author of the article, David Tile, claims this makes content marketing a huge opportunity for those qualified, so he shares a list on how to take those skills and turn them into a business.  

2. 5 Ways to Improve Your Millennial Marketing Strategy

Millennials are the future of consumers, and marketers are usually not Millennials themselves, creating a real challenge to truly understand this new audience. According to this article, by Juliet Carnoy, authenticity, individualism, and brand experience are some of the principles the author explains to capture this elusive audience.  

3. The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Inbound Marketing

This is by far one of SmartBug Media’s coolest articles, it explores the concept of Artificial Intelligence and the way it might replace marketers and selling teams as a whole in the near future. Some view it as a threat to future employment and some view it as an opportunity, you are welcome to read about it and decide yourselves.  

4. 5 Content Marketing Trends Driven by Wearable Technology

Wearable technology will have a dramatic impact on the method and channels through which we can communicate and market our ideas. Therefore it also changing the landscape of particularly content marketing. This article by Larry Alton makes quite an accurate prediction on how wearable tech affects marketing.  

5. SEO and Social Media: Putting a Powerful Team to Work for Your Business

Businesses often have problems deciding which type of online marketing to focus on, especially when it comes to new product launches. SEO and social media combination is the best tactic for any business, not only for boosting its presence online, but for introducing new additions to its product line, as well. Read to learn about the best approach on combining the two.  

6. 10 Marketing Automation Hacks All Businesses Should Be Using

Entrepreneurs want rapid growth, and one of the fastest ways to achieve it is by using automation. But this is also a huge investment for a small firm and only a few types of provide a decent ROI. The specific most effective field of automation is marketing and this article explores the options provided by leading companies today and how they can benefit the business despite the hefty cost.  

7. The Future of Marketing: 5 Things You Need to Know

We are already in the marketing future, many of the marketing veterans have to refresh their whole marketing vocabulary with terms like inbound marketing, onboarding and content marketing. These new phenomena are here to stay, and maybe many more will join them. The article by Patrick McFadden, provides us with a reliable sneak peak of the future’s consumer and how we can prepare for the trends that will be popular to entice them.  

8. The Product Manager vs. the Product Marketing Manager

Fantastic article by Brian de Haaff, the CEO of Aha! A startup aimed at providing product roadmap software. His role allows him to face the challenge of clearly defining roles in the product team, especially which responsibilities are to be taken by the product manager and which ones by the product marketing manager. So he offers some insight, some of it is rather innovative, on how to properly manage this two roles in a way that will complement each other.  

9. Ten social media trends that will shape marketing over the next decade

The last decade was and especially the recent year was abundant with marketing failures as the operating environment evolved and the same trends that created this environment have continued to develop with brands failing to adapt. By Recognizing that their current practices are obsolete the brands will adapt to new strategies for success in the next decade. Peter Kim decided to publish an article warning old fashioned marketers of an impending doom to their strategies and he offers a few solutions while at it.  

10. 3 B2B Marketing Strategy Hacks to Know

Some might say B2B is easier than B2C but I honestly thing the real challenge when working with other business is the scope of the deal financially and professionally. The prospect of failure is bigger and if a failure does occur, the repercussions are much more hazardous than a failure with a private consumer. These tips can offer great help if you are planning to achieve a long lasting business success with other companies.


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