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Visual content marketing is a new trend driving the social web. Among the causes that lead to this trend is the rapid spread of tablets and smart phones, the decreased cost of data that makes high definition uploads cost effective, the widespread availability of high speed wireless networks, and the emergence of focused visual media social networks such as Instagram and Pinterest. Managing this visual content might be a challenge for marketers. New infrastructure, platforms, and processes can be used in order to help managing the visual content creation and collection. The social engagement with images and the raise of infographics are proofs that visual content is trendy. Visual content has more impact than text and studies show that 30 percent of people are visual. However, you need to present visual content that is appealing, inspiring, entertaining, and engaging. This understanding on how people consume information is the base of online marketing. Content creation, user experience, social media marketing, web design, and even search engine optimization should take in consideration how important are visuals for engagement and social sharing. That will help you create content that is in tune with your target audience preferences. Visual content has many benefits for online marketing, including improvements in SEO, increased engagement, accelerated sharing on social media networks, sales growth, and increased brand awareness. Digital marketers need to use tools that control the publishing process and amplify the brand awareness. Studies show that 46 percent of users consider a company’s website design as their first criterion in judging the business credibility. Good visual content can make your website stand out from the crowd and propel your brand far above the rest. If your web pages consist of text only content, you might not engage your readers the way you should. Because most people are visual, images and videos are becoming key factors for effective online marketing. Visual content can make a tremendous impact on the visitors of your website. Video and graphics can reinforce your brand and communicate more easily and quickly to your readers. Social media networks such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram are changing to become more visually appealing for their users. In order to take advantage of this trend you need to understand that the visual content you provide on your website should be of high quality. It should be 100 percent creative and it should successfully convey its message to your visitors. It is important to discover what kind of images would best engage your target audience. For example, if you are in a B2C market might engage your audience with videos and graphics of different applications of your product. In a B2B market, your might engage your audience with images of company events, equipment, and manufacturing process. Video interviews are also an engaging experience. You may create interviews about your company with a vendor, an employee, or a customer. You would not need costly high-tech video equipment for your website’s visual content. iPhone cameras are just fine for the job. You don’t need to be an experienced visual content creator in order to start incorporating this strategy in your Internet marketing. Visual content marketing has the power to promote your online business and make your brand successful.



James Mello
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