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Let’s talk a minute about the benefits of content marketing. Did you know that content marketing is not only a less obtrusive method of advertising and marketing than traditional means, but it’s also a method that creates compound ROI? Why content marketing? First, we’ll talk about the sociological implications of this concept. We all know the traditional methods of advertisements are aggressive. They take the form of television commercials, printed ads in periodicals, billboards as well as interruptions in radio programming. Other forms of interruptive marketing tactics include popups, banner ads, pre-rolls and inlaid ads in video and gaming streams. And, we all know the effect this actually has on most people — it really annoys them. Nobody likes to have their entertainment obnoxiously interrupted by some advertisement going on about a product they don’t need. What is the cumulative result of detestable ads? The company brand is subconsciously negatively linked. You will also drive people to seek out methods of eliminating the ads, such as private browsing and ad blocking technology. Although I’m in marketing, I use both tools. Content marketing avoids these mistakes. With content marketing, the advertisement in and of itself, actually contains useful material. Simply put, spreading quality content works. But, let’s look at compounding ROI in content marketing. Content marketing is far-reaching and enduring As opposed to advertisements, blogs and other content marketing is timeless. They get published and never go away. Also, with effective social media usage and LinkedIn posting, the possibility of going viral is easier than ever. The ability to reach a large audience with a quality piece can bring back a large ROI. To people who don’t believe in content marketing, you’re being left in the dust. When it comes down to it, content marketing is an effective and lasting way to reach potential customers with limited resources.


Kevin Goldberg