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Product marketing Google strategies are a trending topic on social media sites, forums and many other channels. Since I am all about the acquisition and sharing of information, let’s learn some SEO product marketing Google tips. Luckily, I actually do know a good bit about Google and other search engines, how they work, and how to take advantage of them (in an ethically positive way). So, sit back and get ready for some critical marketing insight. #1 – SEO Literature People have an unfairly negative view of search engine optimization. They see SEO abuse  inside white papers, websites, product blogs and services and they think everyone practices it. This is called a “blackhat” practice and when Google spots this, the site will be blocked. There are a great many and scam artists who abuse the science of SEO to get cheap views and grind ad revenue with zero quality information. Do not be afraid to use SEO to ensure that Google spots your product’s site, makes it visible in search results, and ranks it high. Google designed their system to work with SEO. So integrate it into your content . It not only works, it can actually make or break your company. #2 – Use of Adwords and Adsense Using the Adwords and Adsense platforms is an intelligent way to make your product visible through the extensive Google framework. Adwords is kind of a given, as it’s Google’s channel to place textual advertisements throughout any site that uses Adsense. However, there’s a trick here that a lot of people don’t know about. For your own site, if you use the keywords in Adsense, even if you don’t need the ad revenue, your site will be  linked to the search terms used in advertisements Playing with search terms and key advertising words is an entanglement trick (that Google actually designed as a way to reduce server calculation time in order to distribute the ads evenly). #3 – YouTube Tie-In A lot of people don’t realize that despite Google owning YouTube, their other advertising mediums don’t tie into Youtube directly. So create video for YouTube and other video platforms. Having multiple forms of media helps content rank in Google searches. (This one probably takes the most effort of the three). These 3 product marketing Google strategies do work, and despite some people abusing them, you should go for it!


Kevin Goldberg