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The 7 Best Product Marketing Blog Posts of February

The 7 Best Product Marketing Blog Posts of February

Marketing is a constantly changing world. This is why we always make sure to keep you up-do-date, with the best articles and most interesting insights. I read a lot of blogs and scour the internet for what I believe can help me and my fellow marketers. Below are 8 articles I came across that I believe will be perfect for you as well.  

1. Why Marketing Today Takes Courage

I truly believe that being in marketing is one of the toughest positions out there. You can’t ever really show anything concrete until after the fact and that takes courage. Being an engineer you can have immediate feedback while marketing simply takes time. You risk a lot of money on potential. Mark Shaefer does a great job of explaining why marketing is so tough.  

2. Does Marketing Matter?

I’ve been getting this question more and more recently, especially with Donald Trump running as a presidential candidate. What does Trump have to do with marketing? Well Trump didn’t really spend a lot of money initially due to free publicity, which brings up the fact that you may not always need to publicize.  In her article, Adele Revella delves into this topic, and answers this question with various interesting points.  

3. Balancing Customer Feedback With Your Product Roadmap

Marketing can be a pretty tough business. You don’t just need to gamble on what channels you should use to market your product, but how you should market your product. Some products are simply tough to convey to customers. Eric Browne does a great job in explaining products here.

4. Marketers Should Be Hunting For a Perfect Product, Not Influencers

I’ve been saying this for quite a while now, and I completely agree with Ana Andjelic’s arguments in her article. I’m kind of tired of relying on celebrity endorsements, influencers, and people to promote my product. I truly believe that if my product is good, I don’t need any influencers to get it off the ground. I’d rather perfect the product then look for the perfect influencer as well.

5. Should Branding Begin With the Product or the Company’s Values?

Branding is a very important part of marketing a product, especially if it is within a line of products. Coca Cola has a rather large selection of products as they relate specifically to the Coca Cola brand. Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Cola Life and they all translate to their main branding of Happiness. Laura Ries does an excellent job of explaining when you should start branding, and how you should start branding.  

6. How to Turn Your Idea Into a Product (and Launch It!)

While this may not be specifically a product marketing article it does teach us a lot about how to market products. I’ve come across too many product marketers who simply don’t care about the initial story of the product. Nicole Fallon Taylor describes that in order to understand how to market a product, we must understand how they came about. Product managers and product marketers get this question all the time. Why not combine the two? What’s the difference? Drift created an amazing infographic to help us more easily understand the differences between the two positions.  

7. Great Prezi Presentation: 5 Effective Ways to Launch a New Product

How can you pitch an idea with a PowerPoint? After switching to Prezi I believe that my presentation skills have vastly increased because I feel a lot more confident in my presentation and therefore in myself. Watch this quick video on how to give better marketing pitches.


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