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The Very Best of Marketing This Week

The Very Best of Marketing This Week

This was a wonderful week for marketers with tons of quality articles, but your trusty helper (that’s me!) sorted out the mess for you. Enjoy the following articles covering subjects from content to field marketing and even touching on the subject of marketing in several languages.  

What Is B2B Field Marketing?

Field marketing is an old-style method in marketing, it includes people allotting or selling promotions and products on the “field”. Field marketing in the B2B world is usually used when backing sales, teaching a class, offering a workshop at a conference, or holding a demo at a tradeshow. There is a huge value of an in-person communication. And this article by Ritika Puri can teach you a thing or two on how to engage with your target audience.  

Why You Should Invest in Multilingual Digital Marketing

For some of you it might be obvious but it wasn’t for me – Marketing in English is simply not enough. Click and discover 5 crucial aspects (Including SEO) that your company and products might gain from simply adding another language to your site, your blog and your social media.  

Unlocking the Power of Content Marketing in Financial Services

Many financial institutions adopt a personal approach to content marketing that will engage the right person with the right message at the right time. But if you are in the financial industry you also know that you must create content that is entirely different than your competition. This article by The Financial Brand offers some great tips and trick to help you create your very own content marketing brand and help you company skyrocket.  

4 Creative Ways to Instantly Boost the ROI of Your Content Marketing Efforts

Content marketing is Content marketing is no doubt effective, it becomes ineffective if you are doing it wrong. Bad content marketing means you don’t have a predictable strategy and a clear detailed path to achieve it. This article by Bamidele Onibalusi offers original insights on how to leverage your content marketing efforts.  

Selling Through the Art of Storytelling – Walt Disney Company

To get people’s attention you need to make people forget you are selling a product and instead simply entertain them with a good story. Not just a good story but an engaging, interesting and emotion-provoking story that demonstrates the real value and significance of your product. Constructing a story around a message, makes that message easier to receive and much more memorable.  


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