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1. 5 Ways to Inject Excitement into your ‘Boring Product’ Marketing Bigfoot’s article about injecting excitement into your product marketing has some solid advice including destroying your marketing limitations and even making your marketing funny, while building a narrative. 2. Six Creative Promotional Product Marketing Campaigns This article by Ryan Lum showcases some of the best and most impressive (or at least memorable) and recent promotional marketing campaigns. 3. Product Marketing without a Product Team Alyce Courier’s article is an insightful piece about how to complete marketing without a particular product team or marketing team in place. Sound impossible? It’s definitely not. And it may actually mean significant improvement in enthusiasm and creativity. 4. Product Management vs. Product Marketing: Who is Responsible for “In-Product” Messaging?  If you’re struggling with understanding the difference between product management and product marketing, or if you aren’t clear on who “owns” inproduct messaging, this article by Michael Shrivathsan will soon set on the right path. 5. Infographic: The Mobile Landscape: 25 Statistics that will drive the future of Mobile Marketing This article on the infographic by webdam helps point out the trends in mobile marketing. As far as effective information in mobile marketing, this article does a solid job of showing just what may be changing for your customers.



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