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1. Freakonomics, Separating Equilibria, and Pricing This article by Mark Stiving outlines some of the great stories available in “Think Like a Freak,” the new book by “Freakonomics” authors Levitt and Dubner. Stiving’s article helps articulate the importance of separating equilibrium and learning new pricing lessons. 2. Social Media and Enterprise Software and Product Marketing This article by Product Zine suggests a few critical tactics in order for your company to become more engaged with the realities of B2B marketing. 3. Product Marketing Without a Product Team   Alyce Currier’s article discusses her team’s secret to smoother product launches, better communication and better time management of all involved. 4. Content Marketing in the Real World: The Role of Product Marketing This article by J-P De Clerck articulates the importance of content marketing and how content and product marketing have been previously disconnected. This article helps build a better understanding of the efforts required to bridge the roles of content and product marketing with your stakeholders to improve sales and enhance quality of work. 5. Great Infographic: Top Social Media Marketing Trends for 2014

This infographic helps illuminate the importance of social media marketing and content marketing by showcasing some of the most recent social media trends. From information about passion-based experience to social media for social good, this infographic will help us all understand better the impact of social media on our lifestyles and its role in creating digital rebellion.


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