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BOO! Did I scare you? I hope not, because then you would miss out on best articles this month. In the spirit of Halloween all of this month’s articles are filled with surprises and candy (well, more like marketing insights and Halloween campaign trends). With billions of dollars being spent on Halloween, it’s essential for businesses to join in on the Halloween fun, or miss out on potential revenue, and the following 8 examples prove it.

1) Kit Kats Halloween Ad Shows You How to Fend Off a Homicidal Maniac in a Forest.

AdWeek’s T.L. Stanley, shares how Kit-Kat was able to take advantage of the Halloween gimmicks and create a marketing Ad that was not just creative and exciting, but successfully captured the brand’s image.

2) The Pokemon Go Halloween Event Is a Much Needed Excuse to Get Back Into The Game

Is Pokemon Go dead? Alex Perry discusses how Pokemon Go leveraged Halloween by turning the holiday into a virtual event to bring back users to the game. The game event offers trainers extra candy for catching Pokemon as well as having “spooky” Pokemon appear more frequently.

3) This Burger King Won Halloween Early With A McDonald’s Ghost Costume

Chris Zois from UpRoxx writes up a great story on Burger King trolling McDonald’s with a hysterical marketing scheme. The Burger King location in New York “dressed up” as a ghost version of McDonald’s. Needless to say the idea was a hit on social media.

4) 27 Million Pinterest Users Pinned Halloween Costumes (Infographic)

With a quick introduction as to what you will find in the infographic, Kimberlee Morrison presents her readers with a fascinating infographic on consumer spending from location to costume. With so much money exchanging hands, brands need to be on social media to get their products seen and purchased, specifically Pinterest. photo-1457612928689-a1ab27da0dad-1

5) Trick or treat? Frighteningly creative Halloween marketing campaigns

Businesses are no strangers to the amount of spending that transpires during the Halloween season, for this reason Zen Terrelonge brings the most creative Halloween marketing campaigns from 2016. On the list of brands you’ll find Coca-Cola and Airbnb are getting creative this Halloween.

6) Uber & Hershey Team Up in Sweet Halloween Marketing Combination

Steve Anderson brings his insight to Uber and Hershey’s marketing collaborative campaign. The writer notes that the companies had wonderful success in their giveaway, although it should be noted that this campaigns are not as easy they may seem. The takeaway from the article is the importance of retailer’s to know their customers well and now what will settle well with them.

7) Augmented reality gives brands some new tricks for Halloween

In this article, you can find out how companies and brands are using augmented reality to capture the attention of the masses in appealing and innovating ways. Peter Adams uses examples such as, scavenger hunts, mobile games and promotional events.

8) Trick or treat? The spooookiest Halloween campaigns

Jumping right into things Leonie Roderick starts listing off brands that are getting into the “spooky spirit”. Facebook is using “spooky” reactions, Tesco vouching for the pumpkins, along with some examples of Halloween marketing messups. Each year companies try and think of ways to get their treats from the Halloween spending. With an increasing amount of money being spent each year during this season it’s become a requirement for marketers to get creative and think of new ideas each Halloween to make sure their product is on the top of the consumers list.


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