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Companies must have a great understanding of their clients and use that information to market the product efficiently. This week’s best product marketing articles cover both big and small companies approach to properly customize product marketing.

Product Management vs. Product Marketing: Who is Responsible for “In-Product” Messaging?

A great discussion by Michael Shrivathsan about the eternal conflict of product marketing vs. managing and where the line should be drawn, Michael focuses on the communication with trial users.

Is Your Marketing Style Compatible With Your Customers?

Costumers come in many shapes and forms, requiring a level of personalized marketing. This article by Celia Brown covers the many hats of the product marketing scheme and the agility required to adapt to certain customers.

5 Ways to Inject Excitement Into Your ‘Boring Product’ Marketing

When you deal with a product that isn’t self-explanatory or when it is even unappealing in its UX or UI, we as product marketers will have to find a way to create an engaging product. Here are few ways to do it.

Product Marketing + New User Experience = Viral Growth

This article discusses the powerful combination of product marketer, head designer, and engineer to examine the new user experience from different angles.It says that If you have a consumer-centric product, make sure the social sharing settings are widely available and intuitive. Viral growth only happens when a current user shares the site with a non-user.

Here’s How Adobe’s Director of Product Marketing Navigates the Paradox of Choice

Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat. Adobe’s product marketing manager is explaining the strategic level dilemma faced by many corporations when it comes to targeting the right audience and personalizing the product for them.


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