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This Week’s Cream Of The Crop in Product Marketing

This Week’s Cream Of The Crop in Product Marketing

It’s that time of the week again – weekly roundup of the best product marketing online content. This week, we found some great articles that really enriched our knowledge: Boosting your social media marketing via Pinterest, exploring new marketing strategies, creating a personal marketing plan catered specifically for our company, and the concept of rebranding both products and companies.

5 Ways Pinterest Can Boost Your Marketing Engagement

Pinterest, the site that was thought to belong to merely middle age women and young girls, is more than just your chocolate chip cookie and hairstyle how to stop. Yes, Pinterest is one of the 10 largest social networks, but still, marketers tend to skip it when creating strategies. In this article, Josh Kasombo gives 5 reasons to why we should open our minds to Pinterest.  

Marketing for your firm’s next level

Libby Dubick, a marketing executive is sharing her mantra for successful marketing combo – an in-house questionnaire, client survey and focus group. The author creates a simple-to-understand explanation to the importance of using that combo.  

Create A Personal Marketing Plan For 2016

Aim, product and time frame are three factors that can determine the effectiveness and scope of your marketing plan. This approach helps you budget correctly and prepare the team for effective employment of the marketing plan. Check out this step-by-step guide by Sophia Matveeva on how to do this process correctly.  

Is Brand Activation Marketing Finally Getting Respect as a Truly Creative Field?

Patrick Coffee, Geometry Global’s new CCO is the author of this eye opening article. In it, he explains the concept of rebranding, a tough process many companies have to go through and how to deal with the transition. He even included a funny video showing interesting branding in the process.

How a Differentiated Marketing Strategy Will Make Your Business Successful

It sounds like a term with more pizzazz than meaning. ‘Differentiated marketing strategy’ is the kind of term Jeff uses in meetings and everyone hates him for it. You know Jeff. We all have one in our lives. He knows all the lingo and spouts all the right terms even though he never actually does anything with it. He just overcompensates by being an incurable apple polisher.  


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