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Now you can keep track of the latest trends and developments in the world of Product Marketing! Product2Market is your free, weekly guide to the top 5 articles that everyone’s talking about! Here they are: 1# 2014 Digital Trends and Predictions from marketing thought leaders There is literally no limit to digital revolutions. This article by Ekaterina Walter lists some of the digital trends and expectations from various successful marketing leaders. 2# The Narrative is the thing: the art of corporate story telling Very few people understand the science behind corporate narrative and its implementation strategies. Paul Greenberg writes about a talk delivered by Alan Berson, one of the best thought leaders in the world of corporate narrative. 3# 9 Target Audience Your Marketing Should Nurture Any successful marketer can attest to the fact that one has to consider the target audience when formulating a marketing plan. Here are 9 such target audiences by Dia Dalsky that all marketing plans should consider. 4# Stop, Look + Listen: A marketing lesson from bees Some of the greatest business mistakes and omissions are usually as a result of assumption. Amy Taylor uses a simple example of beeswax to explain the need for marketers to understand their audience and craft their product to match the market needs. 5# Pros and Cons of Interruption marketing In business, virtually all marketing concepts or strategies have their own advantages and disadvantages. Here is an article I wrote on the pros and cons of interruption marketing. Enjoy!



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