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It is all about the brand! This week articles focus on the novel concept of properly defining your product to make it more appealing to potential customers and hopefully sell itself.

What Brands Need to Survive in a Digital World

World Renowned France’s INSEAD University published an article by Affiliate Professor Joerg Niessing about the concept of branding in the digital world. Despite its academic outset I particularly liked the fact he nailed down three principles that keep the brand relevant and sustainable.

Interview: Virginia Tourism CEO on Using Love to Sell a State

Branding a state, now that is something worth mentioning in my top 5. This interview covers the strategies used by Virginia’s Rita McClenny, the CEO of the Virginia Tourism Corporation. The best thing about this interview is the fact that Rita shows how effective branding campaigns can become once you set your eyes on a certain status – in Virginia’s case, it is the state for lovers.


Branding hot sauces: coming up with eye-catching names

I added this one mainly for the laughs but by the time I reached the end of this article I realized it had genuine value. Click to explore the different tactics branding and naming tactics used by the competitors in the sizzling hot sauce industry.

Secret Weapons of Social Marketing

Speaking of branding, have you ever heard of the rising trend of Webinars? Many CEO’s, Marketers and even individuals are using this online classes and lectures to strengthen the brand they sell and sometimes it is even just to enhance their own online presence and reputation.

How to Bring a Brand New Product to the Irish Market

Selling a completely New Beer brand in Ireland? Challenge Accepted! I really enjoyed this article, not only it discusses a rather innovative marketing topic of marketing alcoholic drinks but also it focused on what giants like Heineken do when they have to release a new brand in an already competitive market like the Irish alcohol beverages market.


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