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Another week has come and gone, here are my top 5 product marketing articles this week: 1# Google’s Matt Cutts: Guest Blogging Abuse & Spam on the rise Guest blogging is growing as evident from the many writers that use this strategy to increase their popularity online. However, you need to be cautious when doing this to deliver maximum benefits from your post. Here are four nuggets from Barry Schwartz on how to be a professional guest blogger. 2# The 2014 Marketing Score report: An inside Look at How Professionals Rate Their Marketing Potential and performance Every company that wishes to succeed has to come up with an effective marketing strategy. Paul Roetzer takes a look at how 318 executives, marketers and entrepreneurs rate their marketing strategies. Personally, this article was an eye-opener, I hope it will hone your marketing skills and make you a better marketer. 3# How data will change the playing field for marketing and sales 2014 is just around the corner, you need to come up with new innovative and unique ideas in order to succeed as a marketer next year. Amanda Maksymiw takes a look at how data will revolutionize the business environment and impact both marketing and sales. 4# Drive more traffic to your website with Instagram Generating massive traffic from various search engines is not an easy task. Social media is one of the sure ways of getting more visitors to your website or blog. Susan Gilbert takes explains to us how one can use Instagram, a leading social media platform to increase traffic. 5# Choosing the right advertising platform for your product marketing efforts Looking for an advertising platform for your products or services? You will be mesmerized by the many options available. However, you need to choose the right one in order to leap maximum profits from it. Here is an article I wrote that will literally hold your hand and guide you through the selection process successfully. Well, those are my top 5, hope you enjoyed!



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