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1# How to Develop the Right Tone For Your Product’s Message The type of words you use to in your product marketing message matters a lot. It determines whether you will make any sales. John Bonini offers some tips on how to give your product messages the right tone. 2# Horse’s Mouth: James Hurman James Hurman, former Y&R NZ Managing director, has established a consultancy firm that seeks to help companies improve their services as products called Previously Unavailable. Read more about this expert Manager and service offered by his firm. Created by Ben Fahy 3# Chipotle Price Increase- What Should You Learn? Have you noticed that Chipotle has increases their prices? Why are they doing so? Here are the answers by Mark Stiving 4# Infographic: Understanding B2B Buyer Behavior On The Web And Phone B2B buyer behavior is governed by a number of dynamics in the market. Recently, Salesforce and Software Advice took an in-depth research on over 6 million visitors to their sites. Here is an infographic from Salesforce to help you determine the best ways to engage your customers.



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