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Marketers are starting to comprehend they need to build landing pages for each product they offer. A single page is lacking and obsolete. I know I might be going into the realm of UX\UI in this one but as product marketers we simply cannot ignore the face of our company – our website. Or even more specifically its landing page. Being the first page our investors see, our competition see, the media sees and most importantly our potential customers, we have to invest a lot of time and planning into perfecting the landing page to attract the revenue like it was designed to. The fact is more marketers than ever will be constructing landing pages in 2015, which means yours has to stand out to stand a chance, in the links below are great tips on how to do it.

Landing Page Optimization: The Underrated Online Marketing Practice

Today, the attention of users appears to be messier than ever so for online marketers trying to attract potential customers with landing pages, it is a constant tension between beautiful design and actual usability. It’s a hard task, but thankfully Steve in his article, managed to share some pearls of wisdom about this topic.  

Optimizing Your Conversion Path

The best way to create better path optimization is to create better landings pages. Steady traffic and plenty of unique and returning visitors to your site is great news that people out there know about the existence of your business. This article posted on the blog tackles that issue.

The Two-Step Opt-In Process (And How It Increased Our Newsletter Subscriptions By 60%)

A great episode in The Marketing Show, explaining the powerful potential partnership between marketing and landing pages designers, specifically a great tactic to increase conversions rate and site interaction. Comes with a great video too.  

9 Best Landing Pages And What You Can Learn From Them

This one is pretty straightforward, a fantastic comprehensive list of 9 very different landing pages, and the author’s explanations of why those landing pages are worth looking at. This is great for that creative burst you might be needing.  

Are Your Landing Pages Built For Mobile?

Last but definitely not least- mobiles. Statistics show that conversion rates on mobiles are still rather low compared to those on desktop computers and that is in direct contradiction to the fact that mobile is more popular than pc for internet use. Do not forget that the landing page has to be as efficient if not more for mobile as it is for pc.  This article also comes with info graphics to explain things even better.


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