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#1 Rock and Roll Social Media and Content Marketing

What are the secrets to viral social media and content marketing? Jason Miller, a renowned online marketer, shares his tricks in a one-on-one interview with posted by Lee Odden.

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#2 Which Social Media and Marketing Tools are Publishers Using Successfully?

In order for your marketing strategy to succeed, you need a well thought-out strategy. This simple article by Digital Book World authors has 22 social media platforms that publishers use successfully.

#3 10 Components of a Modern Marketing Foundation

Modern marketing requires a stable foundation to withstand fast changing times. Dia Dalsky shares 10 amazing components of a thriving marketing strategy.

#4 Why You Can’t Resist Persuasive Marketing Techniques 

Why are some marketers so shrewd that you can’t help but buy their products? Pamela Wilson seeks to unravel the secrets behind powerful persuasive marketing techniques in this deeply researched write-up.

#5 7 Old Phrases That Marketers Often Use that Must Die in 2014

Marketers need to be updated all the time as using outdated phrases can paint them in bad light. DJ Waldow’s article is ready to alert you on some phrases to avoid like the plague going forward.

#6 7 New Year Resolutions For Marketing Managers

There’s no doubt that the role of a marketing manager is central to any company’s success. I share some seven resolutions that are essential for starting and ending 2014 with a bang.



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